To access all AIS API, a valid consent established between the TPP, the PSU and the ASPSP is needed with the the access token related to the given consent. The APIs accessible with this consent are listed below. All specifications of these APIs can be found on the API page of this developer portal.

Get list of accounts
GET /berlingroup/v1/accounts

Returns all the accounts (at least payment accounts) that the ASPSP managed for the PSU.

Get details about an account
GET /berlingroup/v1/accounts/{account-id}

Retrieve all the characteristics of a specific account Characteristics include - Balances (current, upcoming) - Label - Account number - Type of the account.

Get account balances for an account
GET /berlingroup/v1/accounts/{account-id}/balances

Returns the balances linked to the account specified.

Get transactions for an account
GET /berlingroup/v1/accounts/{account-id}/transactions

Returns the transactions linked to the account specified A pagination mechanism is included to manage the historical depth of transactions to return. If the request concerns transactions prior to 90 days, then the AIS consent must still be valid and for current consent, it has to be the first XS2A transaction for the specified account. Otherwise an error is returned.

Specific BerlinGroup Implementation on Account Information Service

For specific BerlinGroup Implementation on the Account Information Service, please refer to HOWTO N°8